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Pressure Point Massage


Massage therapy reduces muscle tension and pain, improves circulation, and enhances flexibility. It promotes relaxation and stress relief by releasing endorphins and serotonin, improving mental health. Massage supports detoxification and immune function through lymphatic drainage, and it can improve sleep quality by reducing physical and mental tensions. Overall, massage fosters physical, mental, and emotional well-being, contributing to a healthier, more balanced life.

Massage Services

Massage Oil


-60 or 90 Minutes-

-Individuals and Couples-

Our expert therapists are skilled in a variety of massage techniques, allowing us to create a customized experience for each client. Your massage may incorporate elements from a range of therapeutic modalities, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Shiatsu, and other specialized therapies. This diverse approach enables us to cater to your specific needs, whether you're seeking relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, or improved flexibility and mobility.

Salt Hearts.jpg

Himalayan Heatwave
Salt Stone Massage

-60 or 90 Minutes-

Experience pure relaxation. Light to medium pressure combined with heated salt stones soothe the entire body, reducing inflammation, detoxifying, and enhancing circulation.

Liquid Drop

Raindrop Therapy

-60 Minutes-

Raindrop Therapy is a holistic wellness practice that combines the benefits of aromatherapy with the techniques of massage. A selection of specific essential oils (such as oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, marjoram, and peppermint) are used  and chosen for their potential therapeutic benefits, including relaxation, stress reduction, and support for the immune system. During the treatment, the oils are dispensed like "raindrops" from a few inches above the body.

Oil Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

-60 Minutes-

Lymphatic drainage massage uses gentle, rhythmic movements to stimulate lymphatic vessels, aiding lymph flow for immune function, swelling reduction, and detox. Benefits include easing conditions like lymphedema and aiding post-surgery recovery.

Back Massage

Lymphatic Fusion Massage

-75 Minutes-

Combines lymphatic massage techniques and stimulation points into a standard full body massage.


Massage in the Salt Room

-60 Minutes-

Experience a unique massage in our salt room oasis. Our therapists expertly blend Swedish, Deep Tissue, and more to tailor a personalized session for you. Immerse yourself in the the benefits of salt and massage, finding relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, and enhanced flexibility in this tranquil environment.

Upper Back Massage

Myofascial Release

-75 Minutes-

Myofascial release therapy targets muscular tightness and restrictions, addressing conditions like back, shoulder, or hip pain, TMJ disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and migraines. Tight tissues restrict motion and cause pain. Therapy aims to stretch and loosen fascia to restore movement and alleviate pain. Treatment involves gentle pressure or stretching. Myofascial therapy enhances alignment, improves flexibility, and aids in returning to normal function.

Pregnancy Dress

Pregnancy Massage

-60 Minutes-

Pregnancy massage, or prenatal massage, is a specialized therapy tailored for expecting individuals. It uses gentle techniques to ease discomfort, target areas like the lower back and hips, reduce stress, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. With a focus on safety and comfort, it addresses the unique needs and challenges of pregnancy, enhancing overall well-being during this significant time.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Infused Massage

-60 or 90 Minutes-

A Reiki-infused massage merges traditional massage with Japanese Reiki energy healing. Practitioners use massage techniques while channeling Reiki energy through hand placements to balance the body's energy, alleviate tension, and promote relaxation. Clients experience a harmonizing blend of physical and energetic healing, fostering calmness, stress reduction, and enhanced well-being.

Foot Reflexology


-30 Minutes-

Reflexology isn't just a foot massage; it's a holistic therapy that targets specific points on the feet, hands, or ears corresponding to organs and systems in the body. Practitioners apply pressure to these points to promote relaxation and support the body's healing. Unlike a typical massage, reflexology aims to influence the body's energy flow.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Table Massage

-60 or 90 Minutes-

Thai massage on a table combines rhythmic stretches, acupressure, and yoga-like movements for relaxation and energy alignment.  Clients note feeling energized, deeply relaxed, and having a greater range of motion and flexibility.

Thai Massage

Thai Table Fusion Massage

-60 or 90 Minutes-

Thai table fusion massage combines traditional Thai techniques with elements of other massage modalities on a table. It integrates Thai stretches, acupressure, and rhythmic movements with aspects from various massage styles, tailored to suit individual needs. This fusion approach allows for a holistic experience, aiming to address specific concerns such as muscle tension, flexibility, and relaxation.

Spa Bath Salt

Salt Scrub
Blissful Body Revival

-45 Minutes-

Hands, feet, neck, and shoulders treated to a relaxing massage with a salt scrub infused with lime and ginger oils. Hot towels conclude this rejuvenating experience.


Salt Scrub

Blissful Sole Revival

-15 Minutes-

Pamper your feet with Blissful Sole Revival: a lime and ginger salt scrub massage, ending with soothing hot towels.


Cupping Addon

-30 Minutes-

Addon to massage or acupuncture services with select practitioners.  See booking page. Cupping is a therapy where suction cups are placed on the skin to create negative pressure. This is believed to increase blood flow, reduce pain, and promote healing. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine and by athletes for muscle recovery and relaxation.


Dry Brushing Addon

Addon to lymphatic massage with select practitioners.  See booking page. Dry brushing involves using a dry, stiff-bristled brush to massage the skin. It's believed to exfoliate, increase circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage. Practitioners typically brush in long, upward strokes towards the heart to maximize benefits.


Acumassage Addon

-30 Minutes-

Combination of acupuncture and massage; includes feet, hands, face, back. Acupressure, also known as Acumassage, is a therapeutic technique rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves applying pressure to specific points on the body, stimulating energy pathways or meridians. By pressing these points, practitioners aim to release tension, alleviate pain, and promote overall well-being. Acupressure shares principles with acupuncture but involves manual pressure instead of needles. 

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