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Alchemy Lounge is a center for wellbeing located in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.  The name "Alchemy Lounge" is inspired by the historical concept of alchemy, which is all about transformation and improvement. The lounge aims to create a space where individuals can experience personal growth and improve their overall well-being.

At Alchemy Lounge, you can relax in the peaceful and tranquil salt room and salt booths, which are designed to promote respiratory and skin health. The lounge also provides an infrared sauna and vitality booth for detoxification and rejuvenation.


With a focus on transformation of body, mind, and soul, Alchemy Lounge provides a space where individuals can explore different avenues for improving their well-being and experiencing personal growth.

Image by Simon HUMLER

In line with the concept of transformation and improvement, Alchemy Lounge also offers massage services. Massage therapy is well-known for its relaxation and stress-relieving effects.

For those interested in holistic practices, the center offers classes on yoga, tai chi, and meditation, led by experienced instructors, offering a range of benefits for the mind and body. Color, sound, and energy healing are also available to promote overall well-being.

Tai Chi in Motion
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