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Living Your Best Inner Life Workshop Series

Serious about wellbeing? Carve out time to explore and align your inner values, understand your feelings, and achieve life balance for greater ease and harmony in our three-part series: Living Your Best INNER Life!

Each month, we’ll gather for an interactive workshop offering tools and insights that you can carry forward into your daily life. We believe that by attending these workshops, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how to live a more fulfilling life.


We're excited to invite you to this unique opportunity to tune in and level up, presented by Nancy Coco Waldron, M.Ed., PCC, of Space of Allowing Coaching, LLC.


  • Individual 90-minute workshop: $75

  • Full series (all three workshops): $199 ($149 with early bird discount)

  • Early bird discount: $50 for full series purchased by 7/5* - enter code EARLY50

*Early bird discount available until midnight on Friday, July 5th.

Values Alignment

July 18

Acceptance, Achievement, Adventure... what do you value in your life? Pinpointing our core values helps us understand our actions and reactions better and align our lives for greater wellbeing. In this first workshop, we’ll learn the value of values, how to hone in on our unique set of values, and what it means when we put our values into action. Explore with us in this first installment of our "Living Your Best Inner Life" Series.

Feelings Attunement

August 22

How are you feeling? I mean, really? If your default response is "just fine," it's time for a feelings upgrade! Our feelings are portals into what we most need and…you guessed it: value! Join us as we discover where feelings come from, how to befriend even the most difficult ones, and identify and unlock the meaning of these messengers in our second installment in the "Living Your Best Inner Life" series.

Life Balance Wheel
​September 19

The season is changing and the pace of life will, too. In this final workshop of the series, we’ll apply our new understanding of feelings and values to examine key dimensions of our everyday lives. Join us for our final "Living Your Best Inner Life" workshop to explore the benefits of balance and learn how to bring more satisfaction and ease to your everyday experience as you align your inner wellbeing with your outer happiness!

Reserve Your Spot for All Three Now!

Book the full series for $199 and save! Experience value alignment, feelings attunement, and life balance. Book now and start living your best inner life today!


Use the early bird discount code EARLY50 by midnight on Friday, July 5th for $50 off the series price ($149)!

Nancy Coco-Waldron, M.Ed., PCC

An entrepreneur and credentialed transformational coach, Nancy works with individuals who are undergoing life transitions, as well as those who are finding their voice as writers.

Through her business, Space of Allowing, LLC™, Nancy combines elements of safety, structure, spaciousness, and support to invite sacred transformation in both one-to-one coaching sessions and group retreats aimed at supporting wholeness and wellbeing in a space of allowing.



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