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1 to 3 PEOPLE  |  25 MINUTES

Improve Respiratory Health. Reduce Inflammation.

Immerse yourself in the Vitality Booth experience and embrace the synergistic effects of Halotherapy and red light therapy for your overall well-being.

Complementing the benefits of Halotherapy, the Vitality Booth offers red light therapy delivered through the advanced MitoMAX Red Light Panels. These powerful devices emit scientifically validated wavelengths of Deep Red (660 nm) and Near Infrared (850 nm) light from multiple directions.


The skin readily absorbs the red light, stimulating collagen production and aiding in various skin conditions. The penetrating Near Infrared (NIR) light reaches deeper tissues, facilitating muscle recovery, cellular renewal, and alleviating joint pain.

Red Light Therapy (RLT)

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation or low-level laser therapy, is a non-invasive treatment that uses red and near-infrared light to stimulate various biological processes in the body. It has gained popularity for its potential health and wellness benefits. Here's some information about red light therapy using deep red and near-infrared light: 

Light Spectrum

Red light therapy typically utilizes light in the red (600-700 nanometers) and near-infrared (700-1100 nanometers) spectrum. These wavelengths are chosen because they can penetrate the skin and reach the underlying tissues, including muscles, bones, and even organs.

Mechanism of Action

Red and near-infrared light therapy works by stimulating the mitochondria in cells, which are responsible for producing energy (ATP). This stimulation can lead to several beneficial effects, including increased cellular energy production, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and enhanced tissue repair.


Red light therapy has been studied for a variety of potential benefits, including: 

  • Skin Health: It is used for skin rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles, improving collagen production, and treating conditions like acne and psoriasis. 

  • Pain Relief: RLT may help alleviate muscle and joint pain, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sports injuries. 

  • Wound Healing: It can accelerate the healing of wounds, cuts, and surgical incisions.

  • Muscle Recovery: Athletes often use red light therapy to speed up muscle recovery after workouts. 

  • Cognitive Function: Some studies suggest it may have neuroprotective effects and benefit conditions like traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases.

Safety: Red light therapy is generally considered safe when used as directed. It is non-invasive and doesn't produce heat or damage the skin. However, it's essential to follow guidelines and avoid looking directly into the light source to protect your eyes. 


Red light therapy can be administered through various devices, including LED panels, lamps, handheld devices, and full-body beds. These devices emit the specific wavelengths of light needed for therapeutic effects.

Treatment Protocols

The frequency of red light therapy sessions can vary depending on the specific condition being treated. Some people use it daily, while others opt for a few sessions per week or as needed. 

Scientific Research

While there is evidence to support many of the claimed benefits of red light therapy, more research is needed to better understand its mechanisms and its effectiveness for various conditions. The field of photobiomodulation is an active area of scientific investigation. 

It's important to note that individual responses to red light therapy may vary, and it may not be a substitute for conventional medical treatments. If you're considering red light therapy for a specific health concern, it's a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional or dermatologist to ensure it's appropriate for your needs and to discuss the best treatment approach.

Red Light & Salt Combo

Combining dry salt therapy (halotherapy) with red light therapy in the Vitality Booth can offer potential benefits that encompass both respiratory and skin health:

Respiratory Health

Dry salt therapy involves inhaling microsalt particles, which may help improve respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, and bronchitis. When combined with red light therapy, it can potentially enhance the overall therapeutic effect on the respiratory system. 

Skin Health

Skin Health Red light therapy is known for its skin rejuvenation and healing properties. When used alongside dry salt therapy, it can promote collagen production, reduce skin inflammation, and provide potential benefits for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

Synergistic Effects

The combination of these therapies may work synergistically to offer a holistic approach to wellness, benefiting both the respiratory and skin systems. The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of red light therapy can complement the respiratory benefits of dry salt therapy. 

Relaxation & Well-Being

Both therapies are non-invasive and are administered in a relaxing environment. The combined experience can provide stress relief and promote a sense of well-being. 

Potential Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Respiratory Health & Endurance

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Reduced Inflammation

Reduced Joint Pain

Improved Skin Conditions


Immune System Boost

Testosterone Boost

Mood Enhancement

Cognitive Boost

Image by julien Tromeur

For Your Safety

Although scientific research indicates potential benefits of red and Near-Infrared (NIR) LED light for specific eye conditions, it is crucial to note that these lights emit intense brightness. For your safety and protection, goggles are provided and must be worn when facing the lights, especially when the NIR function is active. It is of utmost importance to avoid direct and prolonged eye contact with the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) during usage.

Please be aware that the Mito Red Lights emit a high level of brightness. If you have any existing eye problems or other health conditions, it is strongly advised to consult with a licensed healthcare professional before incorporating Red Light Therapy into your wellness routine. Prioritizing your well-being and seeking professional guidance will ensure the safe and appropriate utilization of Red Light Therapy.

The MitoMAX Red Light Panels are FDA approved as Class II medical devices.


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Advanced Sanitation

The Vitality Booth incorporates cutting-edge sanitization capabilities through an advanced blue light sanitization system. This state-of-the-art feature ensures thorough sanitization between sessions.


By utilizing ultraviolet (UV) light, the system effectively alters or eliminates the genetic material (DNA and RNA) found in viruses, bacteria, and mold, hindering their ability to replicate. This advanced sanitization process provides a clean and safe environment, promoting your well-being and peace of mind during your sessions.

  • What is Halotherapy?
    Halotherapy, also known as dry salt therapy, is a holistic approach that mimics the microclimate of a salt cave. Dry salt air is dispersed into an enclosed environment (room, booth,) by a halogenerator. Salt absorbs and removes the allergens, toxins, and foreign substances in your lungs and sinuses. Salt also reduces any inflammation and opens airway passages making easier to breath. Halotherapy, is a holistic, drug free, natural therapy to promote better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness and endurance and overall wellness.
  • Is there research to support Halotherapy?
    Yes, Halotherapy is backed by 50 years of science. Most research has been done in Europe where the therapy originated. Halotherapy has been well researched in Russia and Eastern Europe. Most of the research has been conducted by Dr. A. V. Chervinskaya, head of the Clinical Research Respiratory Center in St. Petersburg, Russia. She works in the field of pulmonology and rehabilitation medicine and has published more than two hundred articles on this topic. Recently, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article on the efficacy of saline salt therapy in cystic fibrosis. They found that long term saline salt therapy had a positive impact on lung function and reduced pulmonary exacerbations. In addition, they found no negative side effects associated with the therapy. Scientific publications of interest: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Chronic Respiratory Disease Non-Cystic Fibrosis All Airway Disease Athlete Lung Function Post COVID
  • How does Halotherapy work?
    Pure pharmaceutical grade salt is heated and ground into tiny micro particles by a halogenerator and then dispersed into a room or booth. While relaxing customers simply breathe. The salt opens the airways, reduces inflammation in the lungs and sinuses and loosens the mucus. Negative ions counterbalance the many positive ions we pick up from electronic devices neutralizing the atmosphere stabilizes mood, decreases stress and prepares the body for ultimate healing.
  • When should Halotherapy be avoided?
    Halotherapy is known as a safe and natural wellness modality; however, clients who have any serious health conditions or women who are pregnant should always consult their doctor first. Halotherapy is not recommended for people who have the following conditions: Infections associated with a fever or contagious diseases Some forms of cancer (please consult your doctor) or undergoing chemotherapy Tuberculosis Cardiac disease Acute respiratory disease Severe hypertension intoxication
  • Are there any side effects of Halotherapy?
    Some folks may experience a tickle in their throat or sinuses and some sinus drainage may occur as the mucus breaks up. For those who experience a slight cough, this is a sign the salt therapy is effectively moving the impurities through the cilia. If a client has an excess of mucus in the upper airway, it may break up and drain following a session. Some clients with hypersensitive skin may experience mild skin irritation.
  • Should I stop using traditional medications during Halotherapy sessions?
    No. Halotherapy is complementary therapy with the goal of decreasing and controlling respiratory and skin has an additive effect and should be used as adjunct therapy to what your doctor has prescribed. As always, consult with a doctor if you have any concerns or if you have a condition where you are under a physician’s care.
  • Is salt therapy safe for children?
    Halotherapy is a completely drug-free therapy for children of all ages. European clinical research suggests that dry salt aerosol therapy has a higher degree of efficacy in children. Depending on the age and therapy goals, session times and concentration levels may be adjusted. Please consult your pediatrician.
  • What kind of salt is used for Halotherapy?
    Pure pharmaceutical grade salt (99.99% pure sodium chloride). It contains no added minerals or other potential contaminants or fillers. It comes from a natural source, but it is naturally processed to remove all of its impure elements. It’s the same salt that hospitals in Eastern Europe use in their salt rooms as well as the same salt used in Halotherapy research. We do not recommend Himalayan or sea salt as it is not stripped of all the impurities. There could be dirt, clay or some type of debris that could be harmful to the lungs. Himalayan salt can be healthy for the digestive system but not for the respiratory system.
  • How many sessions/times a week is necessary?
    Frequency of therapy depends on the type and severity of the client’s condition as well as their wellness goals. For respiratory, such as asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, sinusitis, or allergies it is best to “front load” by coming in 2-3 times the first 7-10 days to saturate the airway, then back down to once or twice a week to find what maintenance looks like for you. Folks with a more severely compromised respiratory tract/condition will want to start Halotherapy at a lower concentration over a longer session time. Most skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dry itchy skin may require a higher concentration and more frequent visits. Chronic conditions require sustained use over time for best results.
  • What is the recommended duration per session?
    45 minutes in a salt room and 15-20 minutes for a booth.
  • What results can clients expect?
    Many clients who have asthma, allergies and other bronchial issues have seen some amazing results in a short period of time. Breathing may become deeper, sinus passages are less inflamed and start to drain and skin conditions may improve dramatically with frequent and sustained use, which leads to a better quality of life. We don’t make any medical claims about salt therapy but after receiving therapy clients’ respiratory issues and lung function have vastly improved. In addition, those who have severe skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or acne have also had much improvement in the health of their skin.
  • What do you wear during a session?
    Wear comfortable clothing (most people just wear street clothes). The salt air will not harm your clothing, nor leave a noticeable residue. If you are doing halotherapy for skin conditions, we recommend that you wear shorts and t-shirt, to expose as much of the affected area as possible.
  • How sterile is the microclimate in the Salt Room?
    The microclimate is 3 times cleaner in the salt room than in a sterile surgery room in a hospital, therefore, it is almost impossible to catch any infection or bacteria during the session. A stable hypoallergenic, hypo bacterial environment is maintained in the therapeutic room.
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